Grace Matcha Review

​I ran into an old friend the other day that said "​I know that you do matcha reviews, you have to do a Grace Matcha Review!".​​​

So after much discussion over our matcha green tea, I headed over to the Grace Matcha website and ordered a 20 ounce tin of Grace Ceremonial Matcha.

Grace also offers what they call a luxury matcha, which I understand is pretty good for everyday drinking, but I prefer to review the higher ceremonial grade when it is available.

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Grace Matcha Review

Grace Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Our Rating 98/100

​Grace Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a premium organic matcha green tea powder ​Which comes from Marukyu-Koyamaen, a well known tea production company in Uji, Kyoto, JAPAN.

This area of Japan is well known for producing some of the finest matcha green tea powder in the world.

The company has won many awards for their tea production:

  • ​The All-Japan Competitive Tea Exhibition First Prize ​Nineteen Times.
  • ​The Kansai Competitive Tea Exhibition First Prize Nineteen Times.
  • ​The All Japan Tea Judging Competition Champion ​Twice.

​I was very excited for this Grace Matcha review and waited patiently for the order to arrive.

​Grace Matcha Review Of Color and Grind

Color and Grind Rating 98/100

​The grace Matcha arrived in a pop top aluminum can and the first thing that I noticed when I opened the top was the beautiful, vibrant green color!

Grace Matcha Color

​The next thing that I noticed was the sweet, grassy smell that defines all of the best matcha.

The grind was super fine although the Grace matcha was a little more clumpy that others we have reviewed.

I should say that Grace Matcha prides themselves on offerring only the freshest matcha green tea powder. All of their matcha has a ​Best By Date of 7 months after grinding.

They do stress that this doesn't mean that there isn't anything wrong with the matcha green tea powder after this date, only that it is best before that date.

​Grace Matcha Review - Taste

Matcha Green Tea Taste Rating 98/100

I prepared the Grace ceremonial grade organic matcha in the traditional manner with a bowl and matcha whisk, first sifting the Grace matcha powder through a fine sieve to eliminate any clumps.​

The result was a vibrant matcha green tea with a beautifully rich froth on top.

Grace Matcha Green Tea

​The taste was sweetly satisfying with a wholesome grassy flavor. The rich froth brought a great texture to the Grace matcha green tea, giving it a creamy sort of texture.

I tend to prefer the bolder tasting matchas, but this one kind of hit a sweet spot between bold and mild that was very satisfying.

Grace Matcha Review Cons

First let me say that I truly like the vibrant color, good texture and, most importantly, the awesome taste of the ​Grace Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha.

As much as I like the quality of the Grace ​Matcha, there are some things that I don't like and you should be made aware of them so that you can make your own decision as to whether this is the right matcha for you.

Here are my concerns:

  1. It does not appear that Grace Matcha offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee like most other high quality matcha companies. Their website states under Cancellation and returns - Any return or refund will not be accepted for overseas delivery once order confirmation e-mail is sent out. ​Which leads us to our second concern.​​​
  2. Grace Matcha is only available through the Grace and Green website and ships directly from Japan. I prefer to purchase my matcha from Amazon, which gives me an avenue for returns and also a venue where I can see other Grace Matcha Reviews.

​Again, I really like the Grace Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha, but I don't think I will be buying any more due to the reasons above.

I would love to see Grace matcha available through Amazon and then I would drink Grace Matcha Green Tea on a regular basis

Our Score 4.7
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Grace & Green - May 1, 2018

Thank you for this review!
We are sorry for the 100% satisfaction guarantee… Our prices do not include the unnecessary cost. We offer the Best organic matcha with the most reasonable prices for matcha lovers. This is why we don’t offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. 🙂
As for the e-commerce company, they take huge commission fee, therefore it is impossible to sell the high quality matcha with reasonable prices on the market…And many of matcha there are low grade matcha but a lot of good reviews. We think there are many business mind people there working for money not for people who are eager to find good quality matcha…
We are simply offering High Quality Organic Matcha with the most reasonable prices for Matcha Lovers!

    Matcha Connection - May 2, 2018

    Thanks so much for the comment on my Grace Matcha Review!

    While I respect your decision to not offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I do think that this policy will result in fewer Matcha lovers trusting your brand.

    As far as Amazon is concerned, I agree with you that there is low grade matcha for sale there with good reviews. It is one of the reasons that matcha reviews like mine are so valuable to matcha lovers. I honestly believe that if Grace Matcha was available on Amazon, your sales would skyrocket.

    Thanks again for adding value for my readers!


      Grace & Green - May 2, 2018

      Hi Reina,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion!
      We will do our best for Matcha Lovers!

      Thank you again!

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