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To learn more about this particular type of green tea, we need to go back to the beginning of green tea production and  its origin. As you know, there are many types, flavors and kinds of tea, but the one that is most beneficial for your health is green tea. So how does green tea differ from other kinds of tea? Why is it so important? Many kinds of tea go through withering and oxidation, but  green tea doesn’t go through this process at all. Green tea, as we know it, originated from China but its production has spread to many countries in Asia. There are several different types of green tea, but every tea differs due to growing conditions, horticulture, production processing and time of harvest. Growing conditions are not the same in every country.

China is a magnificent country, not only because of the beautiful landscape, stories and cities, but also because of the discovery of green tea. People in China have been drinking green tea dating  back to 4000 years ago. When we look at the tea back in history, we learn that even then people praised this tea not just because of the taste, but they’ve reported that drinking green tea affects five vital organs. What better way to enjoy your drink then to know that it possesses healing purposes as well?  The people of china continue the tradition of enjoying green tea today.

Matcha Green Tea

They love green tea so much, that they have 600 different cultivars, giving them plenty of variety and regional teas. If you are a tea lover, you probably know that there are teas that are oven-dried and sun-dried, and here’s a fun fact for that matter: the Chinese teas possess more of an ‘earthy’ taste than Japanese teas. Differences in taste will always vary depending on where that particular tea was cultivated. But with no doubt, being a tea lover, you ought to know a thing or two before just drinking the tea. Talking about how green tea is tasty and cultivated, many people claim that the green tea can help prevent cancer, although no conclusive evidence of that matter was provided from human clinical research.

Aside from that, black tea can be found beneficial as well as the green tea in order to lower the risk of esophageal cancer, lower risk of lung cancer in women and lower oral cancer. So think twice before refusing someone for a cup of tea. Click here for more information on the Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea.

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Since we’ve learned about the green tea, we are now more aware of its influence and power. We can now learn about one particular green tea that stands out as the most beneficial but pricy out of all, and that is the Matcha green tea. Matcha is a well known finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Matcha is also used in modern times for flavoring and to dye foods (green tea ice cream). Dating back to 618-907, in Tang Dynasty in China, these green leaves were steamed and formed into tea bricks for storage and trade. When you prepare your tea, you just pour the hot water on top of the tea bag right? Well with this tea, the way this tea was made was roasting and pulverizing of the tea, and decocting the resulting tea powder in hot water, then adding salt. You probably never imagined having to do all of these things before making a tea, but this is what makes this tea great: the dedication and the extra work that goes into it, gives this kind of tea that special taste it already has.

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You may have seen in some pictures or on TV,  people holding small bowls and drinking tea from them. Ever wondered why? Well this was because of the preparing of the beverage by whipping the tea powder and hot water together in a bowl. It became popular and was even made into a ritual by Zen Buddhists. If you like meditation or are a fan of Zen Buddhists, you can mimic their tea drinking habits by putting your tea into small bowls and drinking it that way. You will find that Matcha tea is more popular in china today than it was then


Matcha tea is in many ways unique because the process of shading and harvesting increases the content of L-Theanine..


If you are a person who loves either the latte or are the green tea enthusiast, or if you love both, then you shouldn’t be shy when it..


The Top 10 Best Matcha Smoothie Recipes that you can make at home. Check it out and try one today!


Matcha green tea is preferred all over the world because of its many healthy benefits that this power drink possesses..

There is a global demand for it and overall global interest in Matcha tea production including in China, which is fascinating because people seem to have realized later, the influence and health benefits of this tea. Other than China, in Japan this tea continues to be an important item at Zen monasteries; you can see the Matcha tea is beneficial even after all the centuries and decades of cultivating it. Some plants need more sun to grow, but the Matcha leaves are shade-grown leaves and the preparation for this tea is interesting: it starts several weeks before harvest, and unlike some other teas, it may last up to 20 days, when the tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Because of this process, the leaves have a darker shade of green and, as many other teas, only the finest tea buds are hand-picked. After harvest, the leaves can go through two of the processes: they can be rolled out before drying as usual or they can be laid out flat to dry. In the first case, if they are rolled out before drying, the result will be gyokuro (jade dew) tea, and in the second case, if laid out flat to dry, they will crumble and in this case it is tencha, which is later de-veined, de-stemmed, and stone-ground to the finest, bright green powder you know as matcha. Matcha is very demanding: it may take up to one hour to grind 30 matcha grams.

Unlike other teas, the flavor of matcha is dominated by its amino acids. It depends on the time of the year will this particular tea has more intense sweetness. We will not say that this tea is only for the privileged group of people; it is really available to everyone. The price is a little expensive when comparing to other forms of tea. The price can depend on the quality as well and this special type of tea, matcha, is defined by its many factors. If you ever had the chance to see, or if you have ever visited the site of the matcha tea bush, you could see that the very top of the bush has developing leaves that are soft and supple. What this does in particular is that this gives a finer texture to higher grades of matcha.


Matcha doesn’t always have to be used just for the tea purposes. There are many ways in which you can use matcha in many recipes because it is very healthy to consume and here we will show you some matcha recipes you can enjoy.

If you are a fan of Tiramisu, you must try out the matcha tiramisu called Matchamisu. Or if you prefer iced tea, you have also Matcha Mint Iced Tea all you like. In the summer you can sit down with this lovely matcha iced tea drink that is cool and refreshing at the same time, and it is a healthy drink for that matter. Depending on how much you like mint, you will have to consider few things before making this drink. To achieve that minty-sweetness, you can steep the mint into simple syrup.


You would be surprised if you were told that the matcha can also be made into popsicles! This is matcha and avocado popsicle that is full of anti-oxidents and are a perfect treat also for summer or any type of season for that matter.

Matcha Donuts

The Best Choice for Matcha Smoothie Recipes

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Matcha can be used in every recipe if you have the imagination and willingness to experiment or search the internet to discover the many ways matcha can be used in. Matcha has that ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain that are increasing with every sip you take. You can easily replace coffee with the matcha because matcha contains more caffeine than regularly brewed tea or coffee at that matter. Over the years we have witnessed the growing popularity for matcha and almost everywhere, even on Instagram we see foodies that are going crazy with this green tea, and foods that are made with matcha because it can be added, sprinkled and blended into almost any recipe you can find.

Matcha Recipes

Increase in focus

Enhances in metabolism

Enhances your mood

Stronger immune system

Detox your body

Clearer skin

Improves wellbeing

Higher energy levels

 Matcha is said to increase focus and concentration. This comes in very handy for the students who study for long hours at day or night for their exams: it sharpens their mind and the chemicals that matcha possess are responsible to better concentration on whatever it is that the student is learning. It doesn’t have to be just students – people who are working long hours as well can drink this tea to help them work more efficiently. People who just love to go out for a run, or love any type of exercise can consume matcha because it has high energy levels, so this comes as a boost to any sporty types. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, but every diet failed to meet your needs and you are tired of having to change diets every once in awhile than you can try matcha, because matcha enhances metabolism. Not only is it healthy but it is delicious and worth a try. Drinking matcha tea helps to build a stronger immune system because of its green and healthy chemical cocktail that can also clear the skin as well.

Consuming more matcha related foods and drinks can help you in many ways as we’ve previously stated. It is up to you if you would like to change your eating and drinking habits. Living healthy is important, and eating healthy is even more important for that matter. Matcha is a promising new way of consuming more healthy foods and drinks because of its powdery compound and bright green color. It is also a powerful detoxifier that helps to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

People can’t control the influence of everyday chemicals that enter our body, but if there’s a way to get rid of them in a natural way, we tend to use this advantage to eradicate every trace of bad heavy metals from the body. As coffee can often give you the uneasiness and shakiness, this tea makes you alert without the shaking part.
There is no doubt that matcha is overall very beneficial for your health, and if you are a health junkie or even if you aren’t, consume matcha as much as you can if you want to live a longer, healthier life.

With some more recipes (that we will talk about later), hopefully we will raise awareness about this heavenly green powdery tea that gives body the full recovery of bad foods and drinks and bad influence of heavy metals and overall toxicity that is in the body. Do it for your body, do it for your mind, because many people have tried it and are satisfied with the results that matcha brought them.

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