Best Matcha Whisk (2024) – Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

What is the best matcha whisk (chasen)? Our top choice is the Tenzo Handmade Bamboo Matcha Whisk! An essential utensil for measuring the perfect amount of matcha powder is the bamboo scoop, ensuring precision in every cup. We analyzed and tested whisks from the 7 top matcha whisk brands focusing on quality, effectiveness, comfort, and more below.

Discover the best matcha whisk for crafting a frothy and delightful cup of tea. Whether your preference leans towards the artisanal bamboo chasen or the swift convenience of an electric frother, this guide provides expert recommendations to cater to every matcha aficionado’s whims. Find your ideal match and learn to care for it, ensuring an exceptional matcha experience every time.

Key Takeaways

  • A high-quality bamboo whisk, or chasen, handcrafted in Japan using traditional techniques, is central to the authentic preparation of matcha, creating a smooth and frothy consistency that enhances the tea experience.
  • Electric matcha whisks, which come in battery-powered and USB-rechargeable varieties, offer a convenient and fast alternative to traditional whisks, making them suitable for both aficionados and novices seeking a quick froth.
  • Proper maintenance of a matcha whisk, including thorough cleaning and appropriate storage, is essential to preserve its condition and to ensure the full flavor and quality of the matcha tea is enjoyed.

Choosing the right matcha whisk can be essential to making the best cup of matcha tea. In this list we have recommended matcha whisks for different occasions, some are perfect for ceremonial matcha making, whereas others are more suitable for on-the-go matcha or ease of use. We selected some of the most popular matcha whisks (chasen) and matcha whisk kits to compile a list of the best. All of the whisks were tested in the same way; by making a traditional cup of ceremonial matcha, and we made sure to use the same matcha powder for each test. We tested each whisk using Encha Ceremonial grade matcha powder, one of the smoothest and most delicious matcha powders available! We graded each matcha whisk based on design, durability, performance (matcha texture), and comfortability. This is what we found...

Our Top Picks - 

1. Tenzo Handmade Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Brand - Encha Matcha

Tenzo matcha whisk
Elegant and refined, the Tenzo’s Handmade Bamboo Matcha Whisk, a quintessential tool for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, looks like it was made no later than the 16th century. It is ideally at home in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony rather than in your modern house. All of Encha Matcha’s bamboos are sustainably harvested and never exposed to chemicals or pesticides. The term “Usucha” refers to a kind of thin tea, and this whisk, with its one hundred prongs and beautiful bamboo handle, was designed just for the task. This step is essential for producing a matcha tea that is both delicate and flavorful. Bamboo whisks are not only crucial for achieving the perfect froth in matcha but also serve as a bridge connecting modern enthusiasts with the ancient art of traditional tea ceremonies.

If you know someone passionate about matcha tea or if you wish to brew matcha anciently, this set is the best option. Multi-pronged whisks are more adaptable than ones with less. Hence, a hundred prongs are ideal for brewing both Usucha (thin tea) and Koicha (thick tea). We preferred Tenzo Matcha over other whisks because, in addition to looking great, it offers an excellent compromise when preparing various types of tea. This is the ultimate matcha whisk kit for those looking for a high-quality traditional experience.


  • Authentic - hand-carved in Japan
  • 100 tines - for a smooth matcha tea
  • Versatile - Ideal for brewing both Usucha and Koicha
  • Superior quality and design
  • Great packaging
  • Reasonably priced


  • Maintenance - has a chance of breaking into tiny pieces if it isn't dried and cleaned correctly.

Dimensions: 2-3/8in Dia x 4-1/4in H | Quality: High Quality | Effectiveness: Extremely Effective | Price: $19.99 | Comfort: Very Comfortable

2. PureChimp Electric Matcha whisk

Brand - PureChimp

This one represents the opposite extreme. PureChimp is a firm that focuses on cutting-edge research into matcha and produces wares to make the experience more accessible. This little whisk, which is more capable than its diminutive size may suggest, was developed to make flawless matcha tea without the inconvenience of labor-intensive, conventional whisking. An electric mixer has various uses and is quite beneficial.

Without any unique method, electric frothers effectively eliminate lumps in the mixture. To avoid purchasing a separate tea bowl, PureChimp has designed a little whisk that can be used directly in your cup. We had no problems using this device; after sieving, we could whisk it right into our mugs without losing any of the matcha’s integrity. This is the item to purchase if convenience is your thing. It pairs nicely with PureChimp’s other matcha offerings so that you can turn to them for advice and supplies covering every aspect of the ritual.

Additionally, this electric whisk is perfect for mixing and frothing hot chocolate, showcasing its versatility beyond just matcha, making it an essential tool for various beverages.


  • Lightweight - a small electric mixer that makes making matcha much easier to do
  • Versatility - applicable to other beverages for foam enhancement
  • Ethical sourcing - PureChimp gives out 5% of its earnings to non-profits.
  • Includes 30g PureChimp Matcha jar


  • Non-traditional - not appropriate for use in rituals or for understanding the true art of making matcha.
  • Electric - needs batteries.

Dimensions: Small | Quality: High Quality | Effectiveness: Extremely effective | Price: $29.99 | Comfort: Pretty Comfortable

3. Jade Leaf Matcha Traditional Set

Brand - Jade Leaf

This Jade Leaf Matcha Ceremony set is another excellent option for those just getting started since it includes everything from a ceramic bowl (Chawan) to a bamboo spoon and whisk. This perfectly sized hand-crafted ceramic bowl is essential for making authentic Matcha tea in the traditional Japanese style. In addition, a sifter is included for pre-whisking clump removal. The gift set also includes a powder that’s 100 percent Matcha green tea. The 30g tin of the Classic Ceremonial Grade Matcha is all natural (meaning it’s vegan and gluten-free).

In addition, the ceremony set has an elegant whisk and a scoop, both crafted from sustainably grown bamboo. The holder stores and protects the whisk when it is used to make tea or while drying. Sifting the matcha is a must if you want perfectly consistent tea in every sip. Hence, it would be a crime if we forgot to mention the stainless steel sifter. So, if you are searching for a matcha ceremony set, the Jade Leaf Matcha is perfect for your needs, especially if you’re a newbie. To ensure the longevity and maintain the shape of the bamboo whisk, using a matcha whisk holder is crucial. It helps in soaking the prongs in warm water, rinsing well after use, and then air drying and storing it properly.


  • Great for beginners - Jade's ceremonial whisk is easy to use.
  • Includes 30g tin of Jade Leaf Ceremonial Matcha


  • Maintenance - has a chance of breaking into tiny pieces if it isn't dried and cleaned correctly.

Size: 11.75 x 11.75 x 3.25 inches | Quality: Great Quality | Effectiveness: Highly effective | Price: $34.95 for the entire kit | Comfort: Quite Comfortable

4. Bambooworx Whisk Set

Brand - BambooWorx

Inexpensive and comprehensive, this three-piece package from Amazon's is a top seller (over 8,000 positive reviews). Critics have raved about its excellent quality construction and design. To fully convey the spirit of traditional Japanese ceremonial grade Matcha tea, deploy the Bambooworx Whisk Set to prepare a cup of smooth, flavorful matcha. The hand-crafted tined whisk produces the ideal cream. On the other hand, the scoop is the best tool for accurately measuring powder. Once the matcha has cooled, mix it with a spoon.

As a matter of fact, tea that is agitated using metal whisks is quite bitter. And in comparison to other tea whisks, these bamboo whisk produces a superior product that enhances the taste of the tea. For maximum agitation, a pronged whisk is shaped like the ideal whisk to produce foam rapidly.


  • Sturdy and durable - the whisk is manufactured from high-quality bamboo, which is sturdy and durable.
  • Unique and valuable gift idea - gift a person you care about this set, which will let them make the healthiest drinks!
  • Affordably priced


  • Maintenance - crumbles into tiny bits if not dried and cleaned correctly.
  • Matcha spoon and scoop aren't the best quality

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches | Quality: Good Quality | Effectiveness: Very effective | Price: $12.99 for the entire kit | Comfort: Quite Comfortable

5. TEANAGOO Matcha whisk


The seven-piece Teanagoo ceremonial set contains a bamboo whisk, a bamboo spoon, a ceramic bowl, and a whisk holder. In this set, you will get a ceramic scoop stand, a cotton tea towel, and one of the best matcha powder sifters. Since this is the case, including Matcha into your daily routine should be simple. As a bonus, the set comes with a pronged whisk with 76 fine tines and is intended to deliver the ideal quantity of stir for excellent blending and to create frothy whipped cups. A heightened ceremony feeling is produced using the same color for the holder and bowls. Mastering the technique and understanding the importance of using a traditional bamboo whisk for preparing matcha is essential for achieving the perfect frothy consistency.


  • Bowl is microwave safe
  • It's a fantastic present
  • Beautiful and traditional looking elements


  • Doesn't include a matcha powder for that price
  • The different pieces of equipment aren't dishwasher safe

Dimensions: 7pcs/set, Regular Bowl | Quality: Top-Notch Quality | Effectiveness: Highly effective | Price: $32.99 for the entire kit | Comfort: Pretty Comfortable

6. MatchaDNA Bamboo Whisk + Spoon

Brand - MatchaDNA

The Rishi Bamboo whisk can be what you're searching for if you want to spend your money on a whole experience. This whisk's components are all carved from carefully chosen bamboo rods that have undergone quality inspection to guarantee they are free of flaws. For an ancient ritual, a whisk is required. Furthermore, it packs up readily making it easy for you to transport.

Also, it is hand-crafted using conventional Japanese methods so that you won't sacrifice quality. And its 80 fine tines will whisk your matcha into a soft, lump-free drink.


  • Traditional style - If you want the real deal, after all
  • Most affordable option
  • Sustainably grown and naturally treated bamboo


  • Quality - just a regular whisk, not a specialized one.
  • Look - although fabricated from bamboo, it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing option either.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches | Quality: Good Quality | Effectiveness: Very effective | Price: $12.95 for the entire kit | Comfort: Pretty Comfortable

Battery-Powered Frothers

Battery-powered frothers cater to on-the-go matcha lovers by offering convenience and portability. These frothers are:

  • User-friendly

  • Capable of producing denser foam compared to manual matcha whisks

  • Recommended by some tea experts for achieving a taste similar to matcha prepared in commercial establishments

7. Jade Leaf Modern Matcha Starter Set

Brand - Jade Leaf

The Jade Leaf Modern is the perfect matcha starter set for contemporary scullery, complete with a sifting piece of equipment, a scoop, and an electric whisk. Although we already included the Jade Leaf ceremony starter kit on this list, we felt the modern set deserved a spot for its design and popularity.

In contrast to other electric frothers, this one is made specifically for use with matcha tea. A color instruction manual is included with the bundle. Because of its practicality, people are more inclined to prepare matcha using an electric mixer.


  • Perfectly tuned speed for easy stirring
  • It comes with an aesthetically appealing scullery counter stand
  • Very effective for whisking matcha and perfect for loyal Jade Leaf customers


  • Some individuals find the gadget lacking in regards to power. And batteries are not included.
  • Set does not include matcha powder

Dimensions: 9.84 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches | Quality: Good Quality | Effectiveness: Quite Effective | Price: $19.95 for the entire kit | Comfort: Very Comfortable

8. Encha Electric Whisk Kit

Brand - Encha Matcha

The Encha set consists of a 30g tin of excellent matcha green tea powder, a scoop, and a whisk. The battery-operated, high-style whisk included in the box eliminates lumps and produces a uniformly smooth drink every time. In addition, the Encha brand uses only the youngest, first-harvest matcha leaves to deliver their matcha tea powder.

UPDATE: This product has been discontinued. We will update again, if the product goes live on their site.


  • Easy to use
  • It makes for a unique gift
  • Includes 30g Ceremonial Matcha powder
  • Affordably priced


  • Batteries not part of the package
  • Its results can't match that of a traditional whisk

Dimensions: 12.8 x 7.76 x 1.34 inches | Quality: Great Quality | Effectiveness: Extremely effective | Price: $29.90 | Comfort: Extremely Comfortable

9. ARTDOU Golden Matcha Green Tea Whisk Chasen

Brand - ART DOU

Art Dou matcha whisk

The ART DOU Golden Matcha Whisk is a traditionally crafted matcha chasen made from 100% natural bamboo. The ART DOU Matcha whisk is handcrafted with 76 fine tines to whisk, blend, and froth perfectly, is more convenient for making exquisite and rich matcha foam.


  • Affordable
  • Traditional 100% bamboo
  • good blend and foam
  • Handcrafted


  • Not easy to clean
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Tines can break

Dimensions: 4.25"L x 2.5"W | Quality: Good | Effectiveness: Effective | Price: $11.99 | Comfort: Mostly Comfortable

What to Look for in a Matcha Whisk

Selecting the right matcha whisk, or “chasen,” is crucial for achieving that perfect frothy consistency in your matcha. Here are key factors to consider when choosing a matcha whisk:

  1. **Material:**Traditional matcha whisks are made from bamboo, specifically white bamboo, as it is more flexible and durable. It's also worth noting the difference between ceremonial and culinary grade matcha. Culinary grade matcha is better suited for recipes and baked goods, as it is ground with more heat, resulting in a darker color and a slightly more bitter flavor. This allows it to stand up to the strong flavors in milk, butter, and sugar when cooking.

  2. Number of Tines: Matcha whisks come in various tine counts, typically ranging from 16 to 120 tines. The most common and traditional choice is the 80-tine whisk. More tines generally mean a smoother and more consistent froth.

  3. **Handle Length:**The handle length of a matcha whisk can vary. While traditional whisks have shorter handles, modern designs may feature longer handles for ease of use. Choose a handle length that feels comfortable for you, allowing you to whisk your matcha with control and precision.

  4. Whisk Shape: Pay attention to the shape of the whisk. Traditional matcha whisks usually have a rounded shape that resembles a blooming flower. This shape helps distribute pressure evenly, preventing damage to the delicate bamboo tines during whisking.

  5. **Craftsmanship:**Examine the craftsmanship of the whisk. Ensure that the bamboo tines are evenly spaced, straight, and securely bound at the base. This also goes along with durability which is an important factor when choosing the right matcha whisk

  6. Price: Matcha whisks are available at various price points. While it’s essential to stay within your budget, investing in a quality whisk can enhance your matcha experience and may be more cost-effective in the long run, as a well-maintained whisk will last much longer.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Environmentally conscious matcha lovers need not compromise on sustainability. Eco-friendly matcha whisks, crafted from sustainable bamboo, allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of matcha tea while reducing your environmental footprint. Brands like Best Bamboo Whisk, Tenzo Handmade Bamboo Matcha Whisk, and Premium Matcha Whisk have risen to the challenge, offering eco-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality.

These whisks are crafted from sustainable bamboo and devoid of chemicals, preservatives, or anti-mold agents, significantly reducing their environmental impact. And they’re not just good for the planet; they’re good for your tea too. The Bamboo Switch, Rishi Tea, and Tenzo matcha whisks, for instance, have been highly recommended for their ability to create a perfectly frothy cup of matcha.

Caring for Your Matcha Whisk

Matcha whisk care

To ensure longevity and optimal performance of your matcha whisk, proper care is crucial. Proper cleaning and storage not only extend the lifespan of your whisk but also improve the quality of your matcha tea.

Whether it’s a traditional bamboo whisk or an electric one, a matcha whisk needs to be cleaned properly after each use. Immerse it in a bowl of hot water for about 2 minutes, then allow it to air dry to ensure it’s ready for your next cup of matcha. Maintaining your whisk in top condition is essential for the ultimate goal of preparing and drinking matcha, enhancing the experience with each sip.

Cleaning Tips

Properly cleaning your matcha whisk is essential for maintaining its longevity and optimal performance. A simple soak in a bowl of hot water for about 2 minutes is all it takes to clean your whisk. Avoid using a dishwasher as it can damage the whisk.

Remember, a clean whisk is not just about hygiene; it’s also about the taste of your matcha. A properly cleaned whisk ensures that no residue is left behind, allowing you to fully enjoy the authentic flavor of your matcha tea.

Storage Solutions

Just as cleaning is important, so is the proper storage of your matcha whisk. Store your whisk in a bamboo container or box, or use a whisk holder or protective case to maintain its shape and prevent mold.

Avoid common storage mistakes like placing the whisk back into its original plastic packaging, storing it before it’s fully dried, or storing it in close proximity to heat sources. By properly caring for your whisk, you ensure its longevity and enjoy a sublime tea experience every time.

Why Trust MatchaConnection?

This article was written by Reina Williams who has a degree in nutrition and a certified "matcha expert". Matchaconnection is the ultimate destination for all things matcha, becoming the leading independent publisher on the subject of matcha tea. We have been providing the world with all there is to know about matcha green tea for almost a decade, and ensure that our articles are full of unbiased, and free opinions from a group of people who have consumed dozens of different matcha brands in all the ways you can imagine!

Final Thoughts

A portable electric frother becomes an option if you're short on time or wish for a tool that can accomplish several tasks; apart from whisking matcha, it can be deployed to produce foamed milk. Nonetheless, the electric whisk can't match the results of a traditional bamboo whisk since it can't fully integrate the powder lying at the bottom. And that's why we've recognized the Encha Matcha Ceremony Whisk Kit as the product of choice. For the best matcha powder to use with your new matcha whisk click below!

Best Matcha Powder

Encha Matcha

  • Encha Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Hand-picked from organic farm in Uji, Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant green color
  • Highest quality matcha, never bitter

  • Our Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

Tenzo Matcha

  • Tenzo Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Authentic Japanese Matcha
  • Rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism
  • Ceremonial Grade - Vibrant Green Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Pique Matcha

  • Pique Matcha - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Harvested from a family-owned organic tea farm in Japan
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Highest-quality, shade grown ceremonial-grade

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Kenko Matcha

  • Kenko Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
  • Gold Class Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant Green in Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars


How to clean a matcha whisk?

This is a frequently asked question that we get here at matcha connection and it relates mainly to the ceremonial bamboo whisk. Bamboo matcha whisks can be delicate and are known to fall apart if they are not properly taken care of. When cleaning the bamboo matcha whisk or "chasen", we recommend running it under a gentle stream of hot water until only the natural color of the bamboo is left. Once the whisk is clean, make sure it is thoroughly dried before placing it back on the holder or "chawan". Never use soap on a bamboo matcha whisk, and never run it through the dishwasher, both of these methods will damage your whisk.

How to make matcha without a whisk?

If you do not have a traditional bamboo matcha whisk, we recommend using a milk frother. If a milk frother is not either available, the best way to make matcha without a whisk is using a fork. The prongs on a fork can act similarly to the tines on a whisk, making more effective than using a spoon. The goal with a fork is to use a similar hand motion as with a whisk and to keep stirring until the powder is completely dissolved and a light foam starts to appear on the surface.

Where to buy a matcha whisk?

At Matcha Connections, we recommend buying your favorite matcha products on Amazon due to the fast and easy shipping, return policies, low prices, and many readily available reviews. However, there are also many matcha brands that we trust and would purchase directly from their site, especially if they are running a campaign or promotion. For the best and latest promotions on matcha and matcha whisks, check out our matcha promo codes and coupons!

What is special about a matcha whisk?

A traditional matcha whisk is the most effective way to whisk a ceremonial-style matcha tea, leaving the best creamy froth on the top. A traditional matcha whisk (chasen) is a better way to make matcha than a normal baking whisk, because it was specifically designed with prongs to separate the matcha and avoid any clumping. A bamboo whisk also prevents any scratching of the bowl or cup, and helps keep with matcha making process more "natural".

Is it better to use a matcha whisk or a frother?

It is better to use a matcha whisk for ceremonial grade and matcha reserve to introduce air and unlock unique aroma and subtle flavors, just like aerating red wine.

How do I choose the perfect matcha whisk for me?

To choose the perfect matcha whisk for you, consider your preferences, frequency of matcha consumption, and budget. Quality of material and type of whisk can impact the quality of your matcha tea.

How do I care for my matcha whisk?

To care for your matcha whisk, clean it by immersing it in hot water for 2 minutes after use, then air dry it, and store it in a bamboo container or with a whisk holder to maintain its shape and prevent mold.

Can I clean my matcha whisk in the dishwasher?

No, it is not recommended to clean a matcha whisk in a dishwasher as it can cause damage to the whisk. It's best to hand wash it instead.

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