Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Review – Is It Worth the Hype?

Can Emma Chamberlain – internet personality and founder of Chamberlain Coffee – break into the matcha space? Read on and find out in our review. 

Now, we’re usually skeptical of influencer brands trying to set themselves apart in an industry as rich with history as the coffee and matcha world. But believe it or not – she’s done it – the matcha is good. That’s because they use non-GMO, A-grade ceremonial matcha made in Japan that is responsibly sourced and USDA organic.

Breakout Star

Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea Powder

Our Rating 92/100
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Typical matcha brands offer different grades, with or without sweetener, collagen, etc. – but what stood out to us is that Chamberlain Coffee offers flavored matcha in the options of vanilla and mango. Unfortunately, they were so popular that they sold out before we could try them for ourselves, but we will be waiting with eager anticipation for their return.


  • Nice, vibrant green color
  • Fun, Gen-Z-forward branding packaging
  • Offers flavored options – vanilla and mango


  • Not a true ceremonial grade
  • Pricier option at $22
  • Not a lot of transparency about the growing process


We were honestly taken aback by how good the matcha was. It was on the sweeter side, but combined with its slight bitterness and rich, umami flavor, we continued to enjoy the complexity of the ceremonial matcha with each sip. 

Although we initially tried it with just hot water, we read several reviews to mix it with milk and we agree that it tasted much better that way. You can enjoy it both hot and iced as well as prepared with a chasen or frother. There is no right way to matcha according to Chamberlain Coffee.

PureChimp Matcha taste rating 94/100
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Color and Grind

The color was a bright green – although slightly yellow – and the consistency was on more of the rougher side. We would recommend putting the matcha through a sifter for a smoother texture. 

On the back of the tin, it says Chamberlain Coffee’s Matcha is stone-ground from premium Japanese tencha leaves. This means the leaves have been properly shade-grown for 20-30 days, allowing the leaves to concentrate ample amounts of the sweet amino acid L-theanine.

PureChimp Matcha Color & Grind 90/100
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The Bottom Line

Although Chamberlain Coffee’s matcha shifts away from traditional matcha brands, we have to admit it’s quite refreshing. 

Not only does the packaging and brand presence appeal to Gen Z – an up-and-coming consumer market – it also brings more awareness to matcha in general. By coupling her successful coffee brand with less-caffeinated options like matcha and hot chocolate, Chamberlain is appealing to all different beverage drinkers without sacrificing quality.

Would we classify it as premium ceremonial matcha? No. We would say this is more along the lines of an Encha Latte Grade (although Encha is better). However, the matcha is rich, enjoyable to drink and one we’ll continue to go back to. 

Matcha Benefits

  • USDA-certified organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Climate-pledge friendly

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Our Score 4.4

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