Matcha For Weight Loss – How It Helps You To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

matcha for weight loss

I didn't start drinking matcha for weight loss. I started drinking it for all of the other health benefits but I quickly discovered that weight loss was an awesome side effect to this amazing superfood!

In this article you are going to learn all about matcha for weight loss and by the time you finish reading it you are going to know if matcha is for you.

What Is Matcha?

Matcha is made from the leaves of the green tea plant. The leaves are shaded during the end of the growing process which enhances the green tea benefits.

The leaves are then ground to an ultra fine powder and consumed whole, in matcha green tea, which provides much more health benefits than regular green tea.

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, catechins or an epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)-caffeine mixture have a positive effect on weight loss and weight maintenance.

Catechins are a type of compound found in tea, with matcha, we are talking mainly about the catechin - epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is a very potent antioxidant.

Best Matcha For Weight Loss

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Pique Matcha

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Kenko Matcha

  • Kenko Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
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  • Country of Origin: Japan
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Kama Matcha

  • Kama Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha From Matcha Source
  • From the Nishio Region of Japan
  • Doctor Recommended Superfood
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For more information visit The Ultimate Guide to the Best Matcha.

Below you will find a great video showing how matcha is produced from start to finish.

How Matcha Tea Helps With Weight Loss

Let's take a more in-depth look at how matcha helps with weight loss.

1. Metabolism - The powerful polyphenol antioxidant EGCGs mentioned above acts like a fat blocker, boosting metabolism and slowing or even stopping the growth of fat cells. Another Green Tea study has shown significant weight loss as well as significant decrease in body mass index and reduced waist circumference after 12 weeks of high dose green tea consumption. This study also uncovered a decrease in total cholesterol and LDL without any side effects or adverse effects.

2. Thermogenesis - Thermogenesis is the rate at which the human body burns calories. In this study, green tea extract, like that found in matcha, was proven to increase the human body's ability to burn calories from 8-10% to a shocking 35-40%!

3. Matcha can help Balance Blood Glucose - Spiking your blood sugar has been shown to not only cause weight gain, but can also cause diabetes over time. Consuming matcha, which is sugar free has been shown to balance blood sugar resulting in better moods and less weight gain. 

4. Matcha Provides Sustained Energy - Because of the unique combination of EGCGs and caffiene, the caffeine is tempered when consuming matcha. There is no big jolt of energy, but a more evenly distributed energy, and the caffeine effects are sustained over a much longer period. This increased energy level can help to keep you more active throughout the day, leading to more calories burned and more weight loss.

How To Prepare Matcha Green Tea For Weight Loss?

While we call it matcha green tea, it really isn't a tea at all.

Unlike green tea, which is steeped in water, matcha is prepared by mixing the finely ground matcha tea powder into water in order to create an emulsion.

By doing this, you are actually consuming the ground matcha tea leaves and you are getting all of the benefits of the matcha.

The traditional method for preparing matcha green tea is with a bamboo matcha whisk and a bowl. However, more and more matcha lovers are moving towards a simple milk frother.

How To Prepare Matcha Tea

Here is a great video showing exactly how to prepare matcha green tea. The recipe is below the video.

1. Sift one half - one teaspoon of matcha green tea powder into a bowl or cup.

2. Add 2-4 ounces of hot water. (180-190 degrees F)

3. Use a bamboo whisk using a back and forth motion to form an emulsion and a layer of froth, or use a milk frother to do the same.

Your Matcha green tea is now ready to be consumed.

How Many Cups of Matcha Tea A Day For Weight Loss?

How many cups of matcha tea a day for weight loss

Now that you know how matcha helps with weight loss and how to prepare matcha green tea, let's take a look at how many cups of matcha tea you should drink every day for weight loss.

It is widely accepted that consuming between 1 - 4 teaspoons a day of matcha green tea powder will significantly increase your body's ability to lose weight.

If you were to use 1 teaspoon in each cup of matcha green tea, then you would need to consume between 1 - 4 cups of matcha tea a day for weight loss.

However, keep in mind that there are more ways to get matcha in your diet besides matcha tea.

One of our favorite ways to use matcha for weight loss is by adding it to the best matcha smoothies!

Best Time To Drink Matcha For Weight Loss

Morning Matcha

The best time to drink matcha for weight loss is before every meal.

And here's why.

Not only will you get all of the weight loss benefits of matcha, but matcha and caffeine are also known to suppress your appetite.

On top of the metabolism boost, the thermogenic boost, and the increased energy, you will also take advantage of the reduced appetite factor.

The truth is that there isn't a bad time of day to drink matcha for weight loss. I would however, advise against drinking matcha before bed time as the caffeine will keep you up.

Final Thoughts

As the studies cited above have proven, matcha for weight loss is real.

Can one little change, like adding matcha to your diet on a daily basis really make that big of a difference?

There is only one way to find out!

Go check out the best matcha powder, buy one of the recommended brands and start implementing matcha green tea into your diet.

You will quickly learn that weight loss is only one of the many benefits of matcha that you will enjoy!

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  1. Does matcha tea have the same benefit when drinking it with almond milk? What is the best way to consume matcha tea for weight loss?

    • Hey Mariana,

      Yes, matcha tea has the same benefit when consumed with almond milk. It is one of my favorite ways to enjoy it!

      I use unsweetened almond milk to keep the calories down.

      If I was serious about losing weight, I would just have matcha tea, made from a ceremonial grade matcha powder.

      Hope this helps!



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