Tenzo Matcha Review – Is Tenzo Matcha Good?

For this Tenzo Matcha Review we are evaluating the organic, ceremonial grade matcha from the Tenzo Tea Company.

The Tenzo Tea Company was started in order to make a difference in the world by sharing better energy and products with people all over the planet.

Tenzo matcha provides energy without causing anxiety or jitters, thanks to its balanced amount of caffeine and L-theanine.

That’s great, but is the matcha any good?

Tenzo Matcha Overview

Best Matcha

Tenzo Matcha

Tenzo Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Our Rating 98/100

Tenzo matcha is a premium matcha brand known for its high-quality, organic matcha powder. It is sourced directly from Japanese tea farms and is praised for its vibrant green color and smooth taste. Tenzo matcha contains about 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee, providing energy without the crash.

One of the standout features of Tenzo matcha is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of recipes, from traditional matcha tea to smoothies and baked goods. Additionally, using Tenzo matcha can cost less than $1 a day, making it an affordable option for daily use.

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For this Tenzo Matcha Review we purchased the Tenzo Matcha Starter Kit, which comes with 60 grams of Tenzo ceremonial grade matcha, a tin storage container, a stainless steel 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon and a power mixer/milk frother, complete with its own stand.

Tenzo Matcha Starter Kit

We really like the starter kit!

It is perfect for those that are looking to try matcha for the first time and we loved the milk frother for mixing our matcha green tea. For best results, customers should experiment with different recipes to find what works and tastes best for them.

The stand for the milk frother is also awesome and keeps the frother handy on the counter instead of lost in a drawer somewhere. Using Tenzo matcha in the morning can provide a boost of energy and mental clarity throughout the day.

Here is a video showing showing you how the Tenzo Tea Company was conceived and what they are all about.

Now that you know the Tenzo Tea story, and how they go about cultivating green tea matcha, let’s get on with the Tenzo Matcha Review!

One thing we found about the Tenzo Matcha is that It is packaged differently than most of the best matcha powder.

We are used to seeing a tin with a pop top similar to a soda can, but the Tenzo Matcha powder comes in a foil pouch, along with an empty tin can which you can put the matcha powder in, as you can see in the photo below.

They do this because they have a subscription available if you prefer, where you keep the tin and they send you refills monthly.

This is strictly an option, you can also purchase just the matcha powder one time.

It is cheaper if you subscribe however,

Once we opened the can of Tenzo Matcha, and poured it into the tin, we could smell that classic grassy aroma that all great matcha powder has, and it really makes you want to drink matcha!

Tenzo Matcha Review Of Color and Grind

Color and Grind Rating 97/100

The Tenzo Matcha has a very fine grind, which did make it too clumpy, and all of the clumpiness was gone once we used the milk frother.

When using the milk frother, as opposed to a matcha whisk, you can make your matcha green tea without having to sift it!

The color is a rich emerald green, that says high quality matcha!

You can see the color and grind in the photo below.

So far, we like what we see. Tenzo Matcha has everything that we look for in the finest ceremonial grade matchas. I wouldn’t say Tenzo is the most vibrant green powder we have ever seen, but it certainly doesn’t fall short of our high standards, and it clearly comes from some of the most high-quality matcha leaves. Tenzo matcha also contains tons of antioxidants, which contribute to its health benefits.

We also loved the matcha spoon that is available from Tenzo, which makes it really easy to scoop out the powder and always gives you an even serving.

Next Step for the Tenzo Matcha Review is to prepare the matcha green tea and rate it on taste.

Tenzo Matcha Review - Taste

Matcha Green Tea Taste Rating 99/100

This is where the Tenzo matcha really shines.

Tenzo was without a doubt, is one of our favorite matcha powders that we have tried yet. The results of using Tenzo matcha include sustained energy and mental clarity without the crash or jitters.

We prepared the Tenzo Matcha green tea with hot water and the milk frother that we received in the matcha starter kit.

Making Tenzo matcha green tea

After we had tasted the matcha green tea on its own, we prepared a matcha latte with the tenzo matcha powder which tastes great and provided long lasting energy without the crash or jitters.

Making Tenzo Matcha Latte

Tenzo Matcha has a creamy matcha green tea taste, with earthy undertones and a slightly grassy taste. It has a very delicate matcha flavor and little to no bitterness; just how a premium matcha should taste.

We usually like a bolder tasting matcha, but we are very impressed with the creaminess of the Tenzo matcha.

We especially loved the Tenzo matcha latte!

Here is the recipe below!

Overall, this is one of the best tasting matcha powders we have every tried here at Matcha Connection, so find out where it falls on our list of the best matcha powders!

Final Thoughts

We just have to say, WOW!

We are so impressed with the Tenzo matcha and all that the company stands for. Tenzo matcha provides zen-like focus due to the natural L-theanine it contains.

It is by far our favorite tasting matcha and if you are new to matcha, the starter kit is an awesome way to start your matcha journey.

It is slightly clumpy, which could be an issue if you were making it with a matcha whisk.

You would have to sift it.

That is not necessary if you use the milk frother.

Tenzo offers a subscription which can save you quite a bit of money, but you can also just buy matcha powder anytime.

As matcha continues to become the new coffee, Tenzo matcha will be carving its own piece of the matcha market.

We hope that you have found this Tenzo Matcha review helpful and we would love for you to try Tenzo matcha using our links above.

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Is Tenzo Matcha suitable for lattes and other beverages?

Yes, Tenzo Matcha is versatile and can be used to make lattes, smoothies, and other beverages. Its vibrant green color and smooth taste make it perfect for various recipes. We have personally tried Tenzo matcha in smoothies, lattes, ceremonial, and more, and they are all good!

Is Tenzo Matcha organic and sourced sustainably?

Yes, Tenzo Matcha is made from premium, organic, and ethically sourced matcha leaves from Japan. The brand is committed to promoting sustainable farming practices.

Does Tenzo Matcha contain any additives or sweeteners?

No, Tenzo Matcha is 100% pure and does not contain any additives, preservatives, or sweeteners. It is a clean and natural matcha powder, ensuring you get the authentic matcha flavor and health benefits. However, Tenzo recently released an amazing new matcha variation for those who like a sweetened matcha drink!

Our Score 4.8

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