RYZE Superfood Mushroom Matcha Review (2024)

Ryze mushroom matcha

In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness, the search for holistic and nourishing elixirs has led many to explore the benefits of superfoods. Among these nutritional powerhouses, matcha, with its rich history and vibrant green profile, has found a place of prominence. Now, imagine elevating the matcha experience to new heights by infusing it with the potency of superfood mushrooms. Enter RYZE Superfood Mushroom Matcha – a blend that marries the ancient tradition of matcha with the cutting-edge benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

 In this comprehensive review, we embark on a journey to unravel the layers of this unique concoction, exploring its flavor profile, nutritional components, and the potential synergies between matcha and mushrooms. Join us as we sip, savor, and scrutinize RYZE's offering to discern whether this fusion of matcha and superfood mushrooms lives up to the hype and truly elevates our daily wellness rituals.

Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with RYZE Superfoods and receive no commissions from any sales through their website. This article is simply for educational purposes and to inform people of this interesting matcha drink!

Overview of Ryze Superfood Mushroom Matcha

Ryze Superfood makes mushroom matcha tea by blending matcha tea powder with medicinal (non-psychedelic) mushroom powder to obtain a nutty and earthy-tasting drink. Japanese matcha offers several health benefits, so mixing this with adaptogenic mushrooms is a great way to supercharge your health. The two compounds boost energy, mental function, focus, and immunity when blended. Ryze mushroom matcha works well for those who need a healthy beverage with less caffeine, as the health benefits exceed expectations. According to Ryze, each 2 g of whole mushroom serving enhances brain and gut health and immunity. The mushrooms are wealthy in nutrients with the potential to boost a consumer's health. 


  • Infused with 6 functional mushrooms
  • Uses ceremonial grade organic matcha powder
  • Provides energy
  • Low in fat and calories
  • Easy to prepare powder mix
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Good overall taste


  • Traditional matcha enthusiasts may not be a fan of this blend
  • Doesn't have the same premium matcha flavor as Encha
  • Very earthy taste

Ryze Superfood Mushroom Matcha Powder Review

Ryze matcha

Here are some important details you need to know about Ryze Superfood mushroom matcha, including their color, taste, and types like ceremonial vs. culinary grade.

Color: Ryze Superfood mushroom matcha powder has a bright, vibrant spring green color, which signals that the product is made from the healthiest, high quality, shaded leaves on the tea plant.

Taste: It tastes earthy. You know you are getting a great matcha powder if it doesn't taste bitter or offensive in any way, and this mushroom matcha from RYZE superfood is more earthy than any other matcha we have tried. Overall it has a good flavor (not one that I would compare to a premium ceremonial matcha) but, you can boost the flavor of Ryze mushroom matcha by adding your favorite cream, sweetener, and spices like cinnamon or ginger.

Organic: Certified organic tea powders are worth purchasing as they are healthier than those produced with chemicals.

Ceremonial grade: Ryze Superfood Mushroom Matcha Powder is ceremonial grade. Culinary grade matcha is often more bitter, whereas ceremonial grade matcha is more suitable for drinking and is made with higher-quality matcha tea leaves.

The Benefits of Ryze Superfood Mushroom Powder

Ryze Superfood mushroom matcha provides adaptogenic benefits, which means they help your body adapt to stress and minimize the damage it causes. Multiple research studies have linked chronic stress to inflammatory diseases. This is why an increasing number of people consume functional mushroom matcha to manage their stress. Mushrooms mixed with matcha do a lot more for your health than stress reduction. Studies suggest functional mushrooms can benefit your health in these ways, too:

  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Improves sleep and jet lag
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Reduces adrenal fatigue
  • Improves diabetes
  • Boost cellular energy and immunity

Ryze Superfood mushroom matcha is nutritious and organic. The yummy product can help you fuel and heal mentally and could be a superb alternative to any other coffee. That said, it can clear your brain and provide substantial energy to boost focus without any jitters, anxiety, or crashes. Mushroom matcha covers every aspect of health, from physical to mental. Therefore, you can use it to supercharge your system with two cups per day. Coffee lovers can even pair their drinks with the best-selling mushroom coffee to have a blast.

The powerful ingredients of Ryze Superfood Mushroom Matcha

RYZE Mushroom matcha ingredients

Matcha is regarded as one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the market. It overcomes free radical damage, reduces inflammation, and offers an unmatched level of focus and energy. A megadose of Ryze Superfood mushroom matcha will benefit your brain. The mushroom blend ingredients include Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and King Trumpet.

Cordyceps: It improves oxygenation, sustains energy, and aids recovery. The ingredient also brings out your inner athletic performance.

Lion's Mane: Many Buddhist monks relied on the Lion's Mane to help them focus and meditate. You can count on it to give a laser-sharp focus.

Shiitake: This medicinal supplement keeps viruses and inflammation at bay. It's always there to fight your infections.

Turkey Tail: It can support your digestive tract health thanks to its antimicrobial effects.

King Trumpet: King Trumpet is a powerful ingredient that contains antioxidants and amino acids. Its healing value is incredible –  it helps your immune system and fights inflammation, too.

Where to Buy Ryze Superfood Mushroom Matcha Powder

One trusted platform to purchase Ryze Superfood Mushroom matcha is RYZE superfood's own website. Although Amazon takes responsibility for the products it sells, and the market leader doesn't want to associate itself with matcha products that don't meet customer expectations, RYZE Superfood does not currently sell on Amazon, meaning that any RYZE products you buy on Amazon will be from a third party and likely cost more than directly from the brand. RYZE's website has plenty of positive reviews and enough information on the product that it is a trustworthy place to buy their mushroom matcha.

The best part about buying Ryze Mushroom Matcha on their website is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee! If you don't like their product or are unsatisfied for any reason, you can get your money back, a great gesture from a company that stands behind their product.

RYZE Mushroom Matcha Price and Packaging

RYZE Superfood Mushroom Matcha arrives in an aesthetically pleasing package that immediately captures attention. The thoughtfully designed packaging reflects the brand's commitment to a holistic and premium wellness experience. With vibrant colors and clean lines, the pouch and box exudes a sense of sophistication, setting the stage for the quality within.

There are a couple of different options when it comes down to which Ryze Mushroom Matcha you are looking to by. On their website, Ryze offers to different variation of their product; either a 30 serving Mushroom Matcha pouch ($50), or their 60 serving Mushroom Matcha starter kit ($78).

Both of these options are rather expensive for someone who isn't sure if they will enjoy Mushroom matcha, and $50 for 30 servings of any high quality ceremonial grade matcha is certainly on the expensive side. For best value, we recommend the 60 serving Mushroom Matcha starter kit which gives you a stirring spoon, magnet, and recipe booklet, along with double the servings of mushroom matcha for only $28 more.


Our overall impression of RYZE superfoods mushroom matcha is that it is a great drink for an array of health benefits, and as matcha lovers, we enjoy how it incorporates our favorite drink and puts a little spin to it. The taste is very earthy, and likely not something that I would want to drink every day, but once we made this powder into a matcha latte, we found it rather delightful.

If you are looking for a morning drink that incorporates both mushrooms and matcha, and want to start off the day in the best way possible, this is certainly a drink for you. If you are more of a matcha purist, and someone who prefers a ceremonial matcha tea (usucha), then we would recommend one of the following matcha teas instead! 

Best Ceremonial Matcha Powder

Encha Matcha

  • Encha Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Hand-picked from organic farm in Uji, Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant green color
  • Highest quality matcha, never bitter

  • Our Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

Tenzo Matcha

  • Tenzo Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Authentic Japanese Matcha
  • Rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism
  • Ceremonial Grade - Vibrant Green Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Pique Matcha

  • Pique Matcha - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Harvested from a family-owned organic tea farm in Japan
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Highest-quality, shade grown ceremonial-grade

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Kenko Matcha

  • Kenko Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
  • Gold Class Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant Green in Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars
Our Score 4.7

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