Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review

For this Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha review we tested Midori Springs Gold Class Ceremonial Matcha which is Organic, Kosher, Vegan Certified, Gluten and GMO Free.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha is a super premium matcha green tea powder made from finest young leaves from organic tea gardens in Aichi, Kyoto, and Kagoshima, Japan.

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Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Our Rating 96/100

For this Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha review, we have opened the resealable aluminum can and first examined the match green tea powder in order to rate the color.

We then went on to evaluate the smell of the Midori Springs green tea powder looking for that tell tale, wholesome, grassy smell.

Next we prepared the Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial matcha green tea powder into matcha green tea in the traditional manner with a bowl and matcha whisk.

We tasted the Midori Spring Matcha green tea and evaluated its flavor and foaming characteristics for our tasting rating.

I should also mention that Midori Spring offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the matcha for any reason, simply return for a refund.

No questions asked.

We love the fact that this company puts its customers ahead of profits.

Midori Spring offers their 30g organic ceremonial powder in a tin labeled "Gold Class", however, they also have a 100g version of their tin which is labeled "Emerald Class". The two powders are very similar however, the "Emerald Class" comes in a larger container and is a blend of high and mid-range ceremonial powder, whereas "Gold Class" is the highest quality grade they sell.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review Of Color and Grind

Color and Grind Rating 98/100

We put some of the Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Match powder on a white background along with some other matcha green tea powders in order to get a good perspective on it's color characteristics.

You can see the results below. Compared to MatchaDNA (which we didn't rate highly), Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial clearly has a more vibrant emerald hue and finer grind. On the left side of the picture Midori Spring can be compared to Kenko (a premium matcha), and it certainly holds its own when compared to another quality ceremonial matcha powder.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review

As you can see in the photo, the Midori Spring has much a more vibrant emerald green color than some of the other matcha green tea powders.

I would characterize the aroma of the powder as fresh, grassy, earthy  and slightly sweet.

We were also impressed with the ultra fine grind which should translate to a better matcha green tea.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha is ground by a traditional Mikage Stone Mill which produces the delicate ultra fine grind.

Next Step for the Midori Spring Matcha Review is to prepare the matcha green tea and rate it on taste.

Midori Spring Matcha Review - Taste

Matcha Green Tea Taste Rating 94/100

We found the Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha to have a very mild taste when compared to other matcha green teas.

It has a smooth, almost creamy taste, with just the slightest hint of bitterness.

Whether this is good or bad will depend on exactly what you prefer in a matcha green tea.

I tend to like a little bit bolder matcha flavor for my tea so I lean toward the Tenzo Matcha or Encha Matcha as my favorite, but if you like milder flavor, then this may be the matcha for you.

Midori Spring is near the top of our list of best matcha green tea powder.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review


  • Organic, Kosher, Vegan
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Wonderful color and grind
  • 1st Harvest leaves from Japan


  • Mild matcha flavor (preference)
  • Slight bitterness
  • Not many packaging or sizing options

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Midori Spring "Gold Class" Organic Ceremonial matcha powder is a very high quality matcha powder from Japan. The premium quality of this matcha green tea is evident in the color and grind and the taste is on par with other well-known ceremonial matchas. There are other ceremonial grade matcha powders which flavor we prefer over Midori Spring, but some matcha drinkers like a milder taste. Overall, Midori Spring is one of the better matchas we have tasted here at Matcha Connection, and we would certainly recommend it to others. Along with Midori Spring Matcha, here are our top rated organic ceremonial matcha powders!

Best Ceremonial Matcha Powders

Encha Matcha

  • Encha Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Hand-picked from organic farm in Uji, Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant green color
  • Highest quality matcha, never bitter

  • Our Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

Tenzo Matcha

  • Tenzo Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Authentic Japanese Matcha
  • Rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism
  • Ceremonial Grade - Vibrant Green Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Pique Matcha

  • Pique Matcha - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Harvested from a family-owned organic tea farm in Japan
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Highest-quality, shade grown ceremonial-grade

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Kenko Matcha

  • Kenko Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
  • Gold Class Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant Green in Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars
Our Score 4.8

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