Cuzen Matcha Maker Review – Fresh Ground Matcha

Cuzen Matcha Maker Review

We have heard the buzz around the Cuzen matcha machine and we were very excited to buy one and create an unbiased Cuzen Matcha Maker review so that our readers could see why this machine is making such a big splash for matcha lovers.

Cuzen Matcha was started in a Bay Area garage with an idea to bring the ultimate in freshness to matcha green tea.

Before Cuzen, you would buy finely ground matcha powder and mix or whisk it into water to make matcha green tea.

Cuzen developed the idea to take fresh matcha leaves and grind them in the matcha machine on demand, and then have the machine make the matcha green tea.

It was a great idea, so good in fact that they stared a Kickstarter campaign to see if their was interest from investors.

And there was.

Fast forward two years and Cuzen's dream to bring fresh ground matcha leaves to the masses has become a reality.

Let's take an in-depth look at the Cuzen Matcha Maker and the Cuzen Matcha.

Cuzen Matcha Maker Overview

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Cuzen Matcha Maker

Cuzen Matcha Machine

Our Rating 97/100

The first thing that we noticed when we opened the box and removed the Cuzen Matcha Machine was how cool it looked.

Cuzen Matcha Maker in the box

This is a very high tech looking machine, but we are not here to judge looks, we are here to judge the grind of the fresh leaves, the aroma of the Cuzen Matcha and the taste and quality of the matcha green tea that the machine produces.

The machine ships with three bags of matcha leaves. One premium grade matcha leaf, which is for drinking straight matcha green tea and two Signature grade matcha leaf, which is intended for mixing and lattes.

Both grades come from a small farm in Japan and both are organic.

Each bag contains 20 servings at the lowest setting on the machine.

3 Cuzen Matcha leaf bags

Here at Matcha Connection we usually use ceremonial grade matcha for everything, even smoothies and lattes, so we were most interested in the premium grade matcha leaf.

We were curious to see if there was a visual difference in the matcha leaves, so we opened both a premium pack of leaves and a signature pack of leaves and put some on a white piece of paper to see if you could distinguish them visually.

Cuzen signature matcha leaf and premium matcha leaf comparison

It is difficult to see in the photo, but there was a slight difference in color between the signature grade and the premium grade matcha leaf.

There was also a difference in aroma with the signature leaf having a much bolder grassy smell than the premium grade.

The Cuzen Matcha Maker was very easy to set up. We simply unpacked it and plugged it in.

Next, we poured the Cuzen Premium Matcha Leaf into the Machine.

Pouring the Cuzen premium matcha leaf into the machine

The Cuzen Matcha Machine has three different settings for making matcha green tea. The lowest setting is 1 shot, the middle setting is 1.5 shots and the highest setting is 2 shots of freshly ground matcha leaf.

The next step is to fill the included plastic cup to the line with room temperature water and place it into the slots in the machine.

Placing the cup in the Cuzen Matcha Maker

For our first attempt at making matcha green tea with the machine, we set it to the lowest setting and pressed start.

The Cuzen Matcha Maker began to make a grinding noise, but it was not loud at all. We were expecting it be much louder.

At the same time, the disc in the plastic cup began to spin.

After a short amount of time, finely ground matcha powder began to fall into the cup and was mixed into an emulsion.

The total time from when we pushed the button until the machine finished making the matcha was around 3 minutes.

Cuzen Matcha green tea finished

We found that the lowest setting on the Cuzen Matcha Maker was a little too weak for us, so we refilled the cup with water and made matcha tea with the 1.5 shot setting and the 2 shot setting.

Our favorite matcha flavor came from the 2 shot setting.

Cuzen Matcha Review - Taste

Matcha Green Tea Taste Rating 97/100
Cuzen matcha in the plastic cup

We should mention here that Cuzen recommends making the matcha with room temperature water, so that is what we did, however we are used to drinking matcha that is hot, not room temperature.

The first thing that we noticed is that the froth was not as good as we are used to when making matcha with a bamboo whisk or a milk frother.

We were impressed with the taste of the Cuzen matcha once we prepared it on the machine's highest setting of two shots.

That is how we were able to achieve the bold, earthy flavor that we love and associate with the our favorite matcha green tea..

Cuzen Matcha Maker Review Final Thoughts

Overall we are very impressed with Cuzen Matcha Maker and with the Cuzen Matcha Leaf.

We also love the idea of being able to freshly grind matcha leaf into fine powder right before it is mixed with water.

The machine produces a super fine grind that is right in line with the best matcha powder that you can buy.

We also really liked the taste of the Cuzen Matcha green tea once we found the right setting on the machine.

The only downside that we could find is that the machine is fairly expensive, but it is just a one time cost for the convenience of grinding fresh match leaf and the convenience of the machine making your matcha green tea.

After you purchase the machine, you can order more matcha leaf on a subscription or one time order directly from Cuzen Matcha and the price is very reasonable for a high grade matcha.

We hope that you have found this Cuzen Matcha Maker review helpful!

We would love to hear your thoughts about the machine and also about Cuzen Matcha Leaf. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Our Score 4.6

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