Uvernal Organic Matcha Green Tea Review

For this Matcha Review, we are reviewing Uvernal Organic Matcha powder

This matcha comes from from China and not Japan, but we wanted to try it and review it anyway. We prefer matcha green tea powder from Japan.

The first thing that we noticed about this matcha that we didn't like was the packaging. Most of the super premium matchas that we review come in a small aluminum can with a screw top lid.

The Uvernal Organic Matcha comes in a resealable pouch that was not ideal for storage or freshness of the matcha powder.

Our Rating

Uvernal Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Our Rating 75/100

So we have established that the packaging was less than optimal, but what about the Matcha itself?

Read on...

We also stated above that the Uvernal Organic Matcha was from China. In our book that is two strikes right off the bat, but let's give it a chance.

We opened the bag and smelled the matcha green tea powder. Instead of that fresh grassy smell, we were greeted with more of a bitter barnyard type smell.

Yea, not very pleasing to the nose, but we pressed on.

Uvernal Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review Of Color and Grind

Color and Grind Rating 65/100

Upon opening the can, we found the color of this matcha to also be less than optimal. We were expecting the bright, vibrant green of high quality ceremonial matcha and instead we found a dingy green color that did not look the least bit appetizing.

We put some of the Uvernal Organic Match powder on a white background along with some other matcha green tea powders in order to get a good perspective on it's color characteristics.

You can see the results below.

Uvernal Organic Ceremonial Matcha Review

As you can see in the photo, the Uvernal is one of the darkest green matchas and bears no resemblance to the top rated green tea powders.

The grind of the Uvernal Organic Matcha seemed to be on par with the others, but the very poor color hurt this rating tremendously.

Next Step for the Uvernal Matcha Review is to prepare the matcha green tea and rate it on taste.

I must admit that I was not looking forward to the taste test given the color and aroma of this matcha, but here goes.

Uvernal Matcha Review - Taste

Matcha Green Tea Taste Rating 80/100

I must admit that I was surprised by the taste of the Uvernal Organic Matcha.

I was expecting a strong, bitter barn like taste and instead I was greeted by a fairly mild, slightly sweet matcha green tea.

Even with the moderately good taste of this matcha green tea, I still can't recommend it.

Strike one - This matcha is from China.

Strike two - The color of this matcha green tea powder is not up to the standards of the super premium ceremonial matchas.

Strike three - It is very difficult to get past the smell of the green tea powder, even though it does not carry through to the tea.

The fact remains that there are some great tasting and smelling super premium organic ceremonial matchas available, so why spend your hard earned money on this one.

One of our favorites is Encha Organic Ceremonial Matcha and you can find all of our favorites at the best matcha green tea powder.

About Uvernal Organic Matcha

Uvernal matcha is a part of the Perfotek brand which sells supplements and waist trimmers among other things. Uvernal matcha is mainly sold on Amazon and in Walmart, and it is one of the most popular Matcha brands on Amazon with over 8,500 reviews. The brand only sells this one variation of the product, the "Organic Matcha Pure Green Tea Powder", and offers the product in 1 pound and 4 ounce bags.

Best Matcha Powder

Encha Matcha

  • Encha Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Hand-picked from organic farm in Uji, Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant green color
  • Highest quality matcha, never bitter

  • Our Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

Tenzo Matcha

  • Tenzo Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Authentic Japanese Matcha
  • Rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism
  • Ceremonial Grade - Vibrant Green Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Pique Matcha

  • Pique Matcha - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Harvested from a family-owned organic tea farm in Japan
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Highest-quality, shade grown ceremonial-grade

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Kenko Matcha

  • Kenko Matcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
  • Gold Class Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • First Harvest Matcha - Vibrant Green in Color

  • Our Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we would not recommend Uvernal Organic matcha or any matcha products from this brand. At Matcha Connection, we believe that the best and purest matcha comes from Japan and carries premium characteristics such as, a fresh grassy smell, vibrant green color, and umami flavor with nutty and sweet tones. What we did like about this matcha, is that it is readily available online at Amazon, or in retail stores such as Walmart. Uvernal Organic matcha did not possess any of these characteristics and therefore, whether you are drinking matcha ceremonial style, as a matcha latte, or in a matcha recipe, we recommend a higher quality Japanese ceremonial matcha, such as the ones mentioned above!

Organic vs. Non-organic Matcha - What's the Difference?

The primary distinction between organic and non-organic matcha lies in the cultivation methods. Organic matcha is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, prioritizing natural and sustainable practices. This results in a cleaner taste profile, and choosing organic supports environmentally friendly farming. On the other hand, non-organic matcha may involve the use of synthetic chemicals in cultivation, potentially leaving traces of these substances.

Japanese vs Chinese Matcha - What's the Difference?

Japanese and Chinese matcha powders have their differences. The main differences in Chinese and Japanese matcha, other than the geographical origins are grown in which can impact the cultivation method, color, and taste of the matcha powder. The biggest difference in the growing method is that Japanese matcha is grown in the shade meaning it contains more chlorophyll, whereas Chinese matcha is grown in the sun. Most often this means that Japanese matcha has a creamier and smooth texture with a rich taste, when Chinese matcha has a broader flavor profile, a nuanced combination of sweetness and astringency.

Our Score 3.5

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